Some of our VIP clients are choosing this product. While searching for a compromise between the 29”and 26”, with our CB Mountain Bike it was decided to introduce a “new” standard MTB - the result was the 650B or 27.5“. The 27.5“ is an evolution that combines the advantages of 29” (stability and security in dealing with the crossing of obstacles) with the acceleration, agility and lightness of the 26”.
The wheel is more robust than the 26”, but its footprint is smaller than the 29”, allowing you to have a frame with ease in maneuverability and the ability to reach high speeds. A unique bike, offering a great level of uncompromising performance and versatility.


Weight: 1150g
Stiffness Value: 110 N/mm
Internal Lamination: M46J
External lamination: 3
Bottom Braket: BB30 / Press Fit 89,5
Forks Lefty o Front

Measure geometry, color and design customizable