The Hybrid

Designed to be the perfect combination of key performance factors - weight, stiffness, strength, maneuverability and aerodynamics - displays optimal quality and yield. The frame has been subjected to numerous tests and as a result has undergrone many changes, making it the perfect base for all our bikes. Lightweight, durable and extremely comfortable, is built with carbon fiber Toraica, the only that has been certified by the FAA for the reinforcement of the critical components of the Boeing 777.
The CB Hybrid - Single speed is a playful bike. Available in carbon T800, aluminum and stainless steel. The bike is customizable and available in a variety of piping. Also available in fluoresc.


Frame T800 carbon
Weight: 1.72 lbs
Stiffness Value: 130 N/mm
External Lamination: 3K
Internal Lamination: T800
Bottom Braket: BSA
Measure Geometry Color e Design customizable